Saturday, January 26, 2008

Assignment 1: Visceral, Behavioral and Reflective aspects...

Now, talking about the 3 terms visceral, behavioral and reflective, the first item that came to my my is a can opner. I don't exactly know why but it just came SHOOOOOOOOOOO into my mind... Anyways these are the 3 different types of can opener that i have used before and is most common to everyone.

Visceral: The Army Opener

Well this isn't really the Army can opener but somehow it gives me this feeling... Haha...

Behavioral: Small, not easy to use, requires alot of strength

Visceral: Very army-like, cute, cool, portable.

Reflective: Won't use if given a choice, not effective and not efficient, not cheap

Behavioral: The Snap Opener
With the appearance like a normal scissor, one got to snap the "teeth" of this opener into the top of the can before starting to open the can.

Behavioral: Fast, easy to use, efficient.

Visceral: "present" look, simple.

Reflective: Not easy to handle if one has no experience with it before, not fun to play with.

Reflective: The ALL Opener

Other than the normal functions of a normal can opener, it has other useful functions as well.

Behavioral: Multipurpose, easy to use.

Visceral: high-tech, cool.

Reflective: Not a very common thing that we can see in most homes, light and fool-proof.


As we can see, there are many products in the market and yet even more varieties of the same product. I feel that these variations are targeted at different people.

For instance, the "Army Opener" may be targeted at people who travel alot and requires a small and portable can opener. On the other hand, the "Spear of Poseidon" may be used by people of the older generation who do not like changes and are used to the "old fashioned" can opening style whereas the "Snap Opener" is more for the younger generations like us who can't open a freaking can for nuts if we were to use the "Spear of Poseidon".

I believed that the different appearances, as discussed in class, served different purposes in attracting and affecting the emotion of different people groups and hence "convinced" them to buy and use it.

For me, I think I'll choose the "Army Opener" 'cos i find it really quite fun to "play" with, although very troublesome.

Oh well, and if all else fails and you desperately needs to open a can, call "1800-122-OpenCan" and this guy will come help you with it... =X

"I am your Father! Give me the can and ANY can opener... I will open the can!"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Assignment 0: How do you use this thing?

Hmmm... So now, this IS a clock... I've blocked out the brand of the producer of this clock in case just in case i'm sued by the company or being penalized for publicity.

If you turn it around, you will notice that there's no way you could set the time or date or alarm or whatsoever ALTHOUGH all these functions exists. There's no instructions in the box where this clock came in. It took me some time before i managed to "break it apart"...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh........... So this, is how i use the clock eh? You got to press in the round cover and then twist it anti-clockwise in order to open it. I didn't guess it at first because by pressing the round cover, the backlight, which allows you to see the time in dark, will light up!! I didn't expect a button to be able to twist and open up!! Buttons are supposed to afford pushing not twisting!!

Testers' Reaction:
Mom -
Reaction: "I don't know how to use. Go and ask Papa."
Impression: "No i don't like this brand don't use it loh"

Dad -
Reaction: ".......... What is this?"
Impression: "I think I buy those $3 no brand one better than this."

Michael -
Reaction: "Hahaha... This one for me to kick one la!"
Impression: "I tell you la, you wait for me go invent a Michael brand sure better than this 100 times...

Baby cousin - Did not say anything at all but she's the only one who could opened it. She put it on the ground and kicked the "ball" and it cracked open...

I feel that although the clock looks good outside, the operation of the clock is not very good at all. The producer could at the very least add a user manual in the box which comes with it. Else 2 tiny buttons could be added to the "legs" or base of the clock. I'm sure it wont affect the appearance much.

However looking at the other side of the story, the user only needs to set the time once when he/she first got it. Thus it wont affect the usability of the clock. The only problem left is the setting of the alarm. Since I'm always using my mobile phone as my alarm clock, there wont be any problems at all!!! Yeah!!

In conclusion, this little clock looks cool and cute and the appearance is no doubt not that bad at all, however given a choice, I would NEVER get it ever again!!! Haha...

The RPG of Enlightenment...

I'm so gonna level up this semester... I'm gonna gain USER EXPERIENCE~~~

Kayv-man has advanced to Level 2!!