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Reflections nm4210: What's on my mind?

"Designing comes with a purpose." This is something that guides me all along the course. And thats also the reason for reseaches that we have done throughout the course - to solve problems and satisfy users' needs. It's a module on User Experience is it not? Yea and of course we'll need to solve problems to provide a better experience eh? Haha...

I've learnt, after this course, that a design wil not be a design without a purpose. Yet we can't cater to ALL the needs of our target audience.There are alot of things that we need to put into consideration while trying to satisfy the needs of the target audience. And first of all, of course we'll need to do some researches. The various methods taught during the course proved useful and efficient during our pharse of researching and i believed that even after graduation, these techniques will still prove useful to everyone of us.

I think that this course is planned very well in a sense that frist we'll look at bad designs that other people had created and comment on them so as to understand how users will feel and think if you were to create a bad design(Bad design assignment). This also brings us through a various examples of bad designs and why they are bad so that we can avoid making the same mistakes.

Secondly, we were to design a solution by ourselves to cater to a considerably small group of people(I do not consider NUS student groups using a lecture hall big as compared to the population of the whole of singapore or even human-kind). This pathed a bridge for us before we get down to work on our final project.

Fianlly, we will use all the knowledge that we picked up in class for our final project. Comments and interviews and researches allow us to fine tune and improve our product. I learnt from this pharse that i'll prefer to hear more negatives feedbacks rather than good ones so that i can improve my stuffs. This applies to everything, i believe, not just nm4210.

Basically I think i love the exercise on creating the persona the most. I wasn't quite sure of what we are supposed to do at first but i just do it 'cos it seems so much fun to *bling* come up with an imaginary person. In the later stages of the final design project, i realised the importance of this persona. The user of our product. The "purpose" of our product. And i definitely believe that this method will be useful even in doing designing outside nm4210.

A great course that i've been through. Good job Mr Reddy!!

Assignment Final: Designing for User Experience

The finale!!

Our group decided on a health product targeted at elderly who are prone to health risks and requires constant monitoring and care, for example, those diagnosed with high blood pressure, those with history of heart attack and fainting as well as those who have gone through surgery recently. Many a times have us neglect the problems of old folks. With our increasing aging population, these probelms will also increase with time. Hence, we need a product that can aid to reduce damage caused by these problems.

User Research
An ethnographic research did by our group revealed that problems faced by elderly when using a health device are as follow:

- Complicated information displayed on the health monitoring device.
- Small textual information on the device.
- Buttons that are multi-function.
- Many measurable entities in one device.
- Wearing devices on their bodies as it is not part of their culture.

Since we are targeting on the elderly, we will have to take into considerations their physical abilities when we are designing our product. Hence we came to a conclusion that the product we are going to produce must be:

- Small Form Factor.
- Lower Power.
- Low Latency/ High Scalability/ High Responsiveness(Kustanowitz 2004).

An expertise Interview with Dr. Victor Loh, NUS University Health, Wellness & Counseling Centre resulted in the following insights to some issues that we did not put into consideration at first:

- Wrist is an accurate measure of heart rate and blood pressure, but not body temperature.
- Body temperature is usually taken in the mouth, underarm, ear or rectum.

With these information, we began our journey to create a product to help mankind!!! (This may sound like some pre-written noble script but i assure you it's not... It's thought up on the spot, not pre-written... Haha...)

Our Product - UX1000
The UX1000 will be an integrated, real time health-monitoring device with a GPS system embedded in it. The GPS system allows the tracking of the location of the elderly during times of emergencies. UX1000 is also able to transmit signals to appropriate parties in times of impending emergencies. This can be done manually or automatically. In cases in which the elderly using this product fainted and is unable to send out a signal, the product will automatically send out an emergency signal based on the readings of the heart rate and blood pressure of the elderlywhich may be irregular at that point of time. Other than heart rate and blood pressure, the UX1000 can also measure temperature and serve as a normal wrist watch when these special functions are not in use.

This is the paper prototype that we came up with for the Low Fidelity Prototype phrase. We printed and tested these prototypes with some elderly.

Figure 1.0: Paper prototype and the different modes

Figure 1.1: Introduction of buttons and functions

We later came up with a High Fidelity Prototype. I must say we owe this prototype to Gerald, who took so much effort in dismantling stop watches and also some mix-and-matching and fixing them back to make this prototype.

One mintue silence for our noble stop watches.................

Oh well back to serious thing. So this is how our physical prototype works:

- When not functions are not in use, it serve as a normal wrist watch.
- When the mode button is pressed, it changes to functions to read heart rate(see Figure 2.1), blood pressure and temperature.
- For reading of temperature, user has to detach the UX1000 from the wrist band and insert the ear-plug-look-alike device(in this case it's an ear phone) into the ear(see Figure 2.2).
- In cases of emergencies, a signal can be sent out manually as well as automatically. To reduce the risk of false alarms, user has to depress both the top ad the bottom emergency buttom simultaneously in order to send the signal(see Figure 2.3).
- In cases in which the user has passed out, a signal will be sent out automatically as mention in the overview of product.
- To configure the UX1000 to send signals to the appropriate parties, user can either ask their children or their doctors for help to log on to (prototype website see Figure 2.4) or log on to the same website themselves( do not look down on elderly, they know alot that are out of your imagination can bring you). Follow the steps in the website to get the UX1000 to send out the signals to the targeted parties.

Our final prototype comes with a nicely designed box(see Figure 2.5) and user manual for detailed instructions. To order the prototype, simply add a comment to this blog and we will get back to you(If we have time to make another prototype) as soon as possible.

Figure 2.0: Introduction of our High Fidelity Prototype.
Figure 2.1: Reading heart rate.

Figure 2.2: Reading temperature by detaching the UX1000 from the wrist band.

Figure 2.3: Position of the emergency buttons. Top and bottom.

Figure 2.4: A brief overview of the website to configure the sending of signals.

Figure 2.5: Nicely design UX1000 product packaging

Experience Strategy
To attract users to use our product, we hope that our product can achieve the following:

- Peace of mind.
- Trust.
- Easily incorporated as part of lifestyle.
- Health-conscious statement to peers.
- Value longevity.

In addition, our product should include these characteristics:

- Intuitive affordances.
- Ease of use.
- Appropriate feedbacks.
- Error reduction.
- Easy to learn.

Business Strategy

Sales model
- Product will be first promoted to hospitals as a recommended device for their patients.
- Can be bought from hospitals or over the counter in pharmacies with doctor’s prescription.
- Can be rent from hospital to cater to a short duration of use, such as after surgery, and will not be using it in the long run.

- Has to be heavily marketed as easy to use and help to enhance health through channels that the aged normally subscribe to
- Viral Marketing.
- Doctors testament to the product’s uses.
- Government subsidy and support.
- Publicity through media such as televisons, world wide web or printed media.

Final Product Evaluation
- Product appearance is pleasing.
- Easy to learn.
- Easy to use ( multifunction button, simple interface).
- Light signals are useful.
- Large LCD aids visibility.
- Trusts & feels safer with the product.
- Face is too big and heavy.
- Difficulty in slipping the face back into strap .
- Difficulty in wearing the product.

One of the most common comment is that it is difficult to attach the product back onto the wrist band. This is due to the strength of the clip that holds the product to the wrist band. In order for the product to stay in place on the wrist band despite constant movements of the hand, we required a clip with considerable strength. However, this post another problem for us to solve. Overall, I think that our product is quite feasible and should be widely appreciated and liked if it is being produced.

Final Experience Evaluation
- The product appearance is generally well liked.
- The concept of the functionality of the product is well received.
- There is a high level in the ease of use of the product.
- Relatively high elderly acceptance.
- There needs to be more improvements on the comfort level.
- Improvements on the ease of slipping the face back onto the strap.
- More attention to the strap to make it easy to wear the product.

Through this assignment, I've learn the importance for researching and understanding the needs of our target audience before we get hands down to design a product. I understand the importance of negative comments against our product. In order to improve our product, we need more negative comments so as to know where our mistakes are. In addition, possitive comments allow us to know what are the good parts that we need to maintain.

Just a random comment, MSN is good and useful... Hahaha...

User Research: Smoke and Mirror Reflections

First thing first, quoting from the readings, “many firms pretend to use scientific user research as the foundation of their design process", and distorting the real meaning for abit sort of implies that user research is just a claim but its not really carried out. To a certain extend i feel that user research could be a fake as well. There are times in which numbers, which the upper level in an organisation is interested in, is being created just for the sake of presentation to the upper levels as well as to look good for consumers. whether or not a real study is carried out is still another mystery.

Back to serious work, I feel that in design, numbers are secondary. Its the content that is important. As far as design is concerned, I believed that design is a very subjective thing. A dot on a big A3 piece of paper can mean mosquito, dirt, center, universe, black hole or even singapore depending on how the audience interpret it. Similar to that, user experience is also based on individuals. Hence to research in quantity without quality does not help at all in the design for UX. And this further strengthen my view that statics are just to convince people from the higher levels in the organisation who MIGHT be total idiots in designing.

Hence quality is very important in the research. A designer must learn the user, understand the user and sometimes even BE the user. A designer should listen, evaluate, and improve. Listening to comments from users can help to find bugs and to find out what is the good or bad points for a design. Then the designer should evaluate to see if the comments make sense and if it should be used to improve the designer's own design. After that, the designer should try to improve on his own design. This kind of reminds me of what we are doing almost everyweek in lecture. Sharing, commenting and improving. Cool~

End of the day i still think that user research is seriouly very important. Conducted researches involve usability testing, card-sorting exercises, stakeholder interviews, user polls and quantitative analysis, direct ethnographic studies and contextual analysis, and/or secondary market research and can greatly help a design to progress in the right direction. To defeat an enemy, one got to first know and understand the enemy!!

This is a very old saying but i totally agree with it.

Assignment 3: Design Probe Reflection

I reference our design project to the previous post.

Just to add on some details, here are some issues with the designs of lecture halls:

- Tight space between the rows make it difficult for movement
- The tables are too small for laptops, leaving no spaces for other things like pens and notes
- They are also not user friendly for left handers
- Lecture halls are too big to make students feel involved
- Even so, the class size is too big and lecture halls sometime don't have enough seats for students
- not enough power points for laptops
- Sometimes screen is not clear
- Noisy doors
- Media controls are not user friendly and make lecturers spend more time figuring out how to use
- Accessibility of some lecture halls
- Early lectures (8 AM)
- Lecture halls are too cold

And here are some cultural problems:

- Since sometimes there are not enough seats, students often have their friends to reserve the seats
- They also refuse the seats in the middle since those seats are not very accessible- Students talk noisily
- Students come late for class, interrupting the lectures and distract other students when they move inside
- Students do not interact with the lesson, don't ask questions and don't answer questions.

- Some lecturers do not make an attempt to engage students
- Lecturers' voices are monotonous
- Some lecturers' voices are clear and difficult to listen to
- When lecture notes are too general and difficult to follow, the students would solely focus on taking notes as much as possible and cannot listen to the lecture thoughtfully
- When the lecture notes are too specific and details, students will skip class since everything the lecturer teach is inside the notes.


I feel that this assignment gave us a chance to understand the process of designing. We are required to get down to it and ask question, do research and all in order to find out what is the users need and what we can do to cater to these needs. We will also have to guage if all needs can be satisfied as we are not customizing the design for THEM alone, we are doing it for a wider range of users.

This assignment, i believed, prepares us for the final project. After this design probe, we can understand more clearly the process of researching and designing and hence make our job for our final design project easier(well did it? It's still quite tedious i think... Hahaha...).
Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the learning process and the outcome for this assignment. Great job groupmates!!

These are the solution for design assignment that are not very clear in the slides:

Figure 1.0: Design of chair

Figure 2.0: Design of Tables

Assignment 3: Design Probe

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Assignment 0 Revisited...

Well just a little remind to all of us here how irritating bad designs are!!!

I hereby proudly present the NUS A1/A2 buses!!!


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Assignment 2: Pressure? Pleasure? Press here?

Fantasia Chu
29 years old
“Tai Tai” living in a bungalow along Bukit Timah in Singapore with her husband.

working experience
Started working since graduated from Singapore Polytechnic. She has changed 8 jobs in 2 years due to low pay, high workload and pure laziness. Stopped working at the age of 23 after she found a very rich boyfriend, Jerk, then 30 years old.

ATM machine
Jerk is a total playboy who took over his father’s company and earned his first million( or his father’s 68th million) when he was 22 years old. He drove a silver Porsche Boxster which cost SGD 266,342 and own 3 bungalows and 2 condominium units. However, it was quite obvious that Fantasia was quite a playboy predator and managed to hook him up and kept him from “playboy’ing” further.

Fantasia now wears a long, perm hair dyed reddish brown. She has a “beauty mole” at the top right corner of her thick, luscious lips. She always wear a pair of shades on her head to be in style as well as securing her fringe from falling over and covering her thick eye shadows. She wear thick make-ups and lots of glitters and “bling bling” plus diamonds accessories. She would hang her Chanel Designer Handbag halfway near her elbow and give it a slight swing to attract attention when she goes out. Her leopard print dress would fit nicely on her and showed off her sexy hips. She doesn’t drive, but she do has a personal chauffeur who drives her anywhere at her command. She loves toying with males mentally and hence loves to wear conservative clothes with wild and sexy animal prints.

Fantasia usually spent her day waking up very early in the morning to make up and goes to high class hotel for breakfast with Jerk. After breakfast, Jerk would “go to work” while Fantasia would go back home and make appointments with her “Tai Tai” friends to go shopping together. They would shop and buy clothes which they would find them “not pretty” after a few days. After shopping, they would go for high tea and gossip about everything possible on Earth and eating Tiramisu and drinking milkshake while complaining “Do you think I put on weight? I think I’m fat.”

Her husband would self declare work ends at 4pm and return home to find her crying and wiping her tears while watching Korean drama. Right before going to bed, she will run on her track mill while eating chocolate donut while Jerk would be reading his FHM and playboy magazines. The only occasional conversation would be something like:

“Jerk, I saw a diamond ring the diamond so so big!! Soooo pretty!!”

“My credit card is on the table.”


She would then end her day at 9pm after applying facial mask and moisturizer so that she can wake up early the following day for her breakfast at yet another 5 star hotel.

Her life requires not much physical activities except for shopping and traveling overseas and walking to her favorite spa. She looks after her legs by going for occasional foot rubs and pedicure – appreciation pleasure

She would go to her favorite spa every other day to keep her body in shape. In addition her everyday treadmill session helps her fit into any clothes she likes. – need pleasure

Her thick make-up hides any “defects” on her face when she goes out. It also attract attention on the streets which gave her a sense of victory and achievement. – need pleasure

Loves showing off how rich she is to her fellow Tai Tai. Loves hanging out with them and gossiping about how hot that dancer in that stripe club is. – appreciation pleasure.

Talking to her “Tai Tai” khakis is a common thing for her everyday. Alone at home with the maids, loneliness usually strikes. Being too lazy to walk 2 metres to the phone, she would call using her handphone while soaking in the hot tub. – need pleasure

She is someone who loves romantic things. However, her husband would semi-ignore her whenever he comes home from work. Thus she loves to watch Korean drama and often dreams to be the lead actress in the show - need pleasure
Mistake: Well I learnt in class, this may not really be considered as a psychological need. Lets say the I change the story to "She lives in a very dull home and hence always watches comedies to brighten up her life. She feels very happy from the laughing at the shows." I guess this can then be considered psycho-pleasure right?

Taking self pictures excite her the most. She loves taking photos and uploading them online and make the whole world look at her photos. Makes her happy and excited. – appreciation pleasure

She likes to be seen as a queen at home and an goddess on the streets. She is the center of the world and she is always gaining attention wherever she goes. – need pleasure

She wants to portray an image of conservative sexiness and hence she would always choose clothes that are abit conservative but yet sexy in some sense and tries to play with the mind of male passerby. – appreciation pleasure

Unreasonable when frustrated, she believes that money is always right, and hence, she is always right. Nothing should stand in her way. Nobody should blocks her way. She is the rules and regulations. She IS the world. – need pleasure

Handphone Specs:

- Gold plated cover with embedded diamonds surrounding the border. (affective)
- Reflective surface to use as a mirror for touching up on her make up. (affective)

- 262,144 colours TFT display protected by scratch-resistant sapphire coated glass (affective)

Operating Frequency:
- Triband GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

- Integrated 6.0 megapixel camera (practical)
- Video recording and streaming (practical)

Dimension: (affective)
- Volume: 52cc
- Weight: 120g
- Length: 108mm
- Width: 38mm
- Thickness: 15.4mm

- 1 GB internal memory with 2 memory card slots supporting up to 4GB each (practical)

Multimedia: (affective)
- Designer ringtones composed by renowned artiste from over the globe. (affective)
- Integrated digital music player for MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ and WMA formats
- Integrated FM radio

Messaging: (practical)
- MMS, SMS, Email in 47 languages
- Virutal keyboard for inputs.

Connectivity: (practical)
- Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate
- Remote over-the-air (OTA) device-to-device synchronisation with SyncML

Browsing: (affective)
- xHTML browser over TCP/IP
- Full OMA Digital Rights Management for content protection - including forward lock for content
protection, combined delivery, separate delivery and superdistribution
- Full upload/download to websites, blogs, photo albums

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Assignment 1: Visceral, Behavioral and Reflective aspects...

Now, talking about the 3 terms visceral, behavioral and reflective, the first item that came to my my is a can opner. I don't exactly know why but it just came SHOOOOOOOOOOO into my mind... Anyways these are the 3 different types of can opener that i have used before and is most common to everyone.

Visceral: The Army Opener

Well this isn't really the Army can opener but somehow it gives me this feeling... Haha...

Behavioral: Small, not easy to use, requires alot of strength

Visceral: Very army-like, cute, cool, portable.

Reflective: Won't use if given a choice, not effective and not efficient, not cheap

Behavioral: The Snap Opener
With the appearance like a normal scissor, one got to snap the "teeth" of this opener into the top of the can before starting to open the can.

Behavioral: Fast, easy to use, efficient.

Visceral: "present" look, simple.

Reflective: Not easy to handle if one has no experience with it before, not fun to play with.

Reflective: The ALL Opener

Other than the normal functions of a normal can opener, it has other useful functions as well.

Behavioral: Multipurpose, easy to use.

Visceral: high-tech, cool.

Reflective: Not a very common thing that we can see in most homes, light and fool-proof.


As we can see, there are many products in the market and yet even more varieties of the same product. I feel that these variations are targeted at different people.

For instance, the "Army Opener" may be targeted at people who travel alot and requires a small and portable can opener. On the other hand, the "Spear of Poseidon" may be used by people of the older generation who do not like changes and are used to the "old fashioned" can opening style whereas the "Snap Opener" is more for the younger generations like us who can't open a freaking can for nuts if we were to use the "Spear of Poseidon".

I believed that the different appearances, as discussed in class, served different purposes in attracting and affecting the emotion of different people groups and hence "convinced" them to buy and use it.

For me, I think I'll choose the "Army Opener" 'cos i find it really quite fun to "play" with, although very troublesome.

Oh well, and if all else fails and you desperately needs to open a can, call "1800-122-OpenCan" and this guy will come help you with it... =X

"I am your Father! Give me the can and ANY can opener... I will open the can!"

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Assignment 0: How do you use this thing?

Hmmm... So now, this IS a clock... I've blocked out the brand of the producer of this clock in case just in case i'm sued by the company or being penalized for publicity.

If you turn it around, you will notice that there's no way you could set the time or date or alarm or whatsoever ALTHOUGH all these functions exists. There's no instructions in the box where this clock came in. It took me some time before i managed to "break it apart"...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh........... So this, is how i use the clock eh? You got to press in the round cover and then twist it anti-clockwise in order to open it. I didn't guess it at first because by pressing the round cover, the backlight, which allows you to see the time in dark, will light up!! I didn't expect a button to be able to twist and open up!! Buttons are supposed to afford pushing not twisting!!

Testers' Reaction:
Mom -
Reaction: "I don't know how to use. Go and ask Papa."
Impression: "No i don't like this brand don't use it loh"

Dad -
Reaction: ".......... What is this?"
Impression: "I think I buy those $3 no brand one better than this."

Michael -
Reaction: "Hahaha... This one for me to kick one la!"
Impression: "I tell you la, you wait for me go invent a Michael brand sure better than this 100 times...

Baby cousin - Did not say anything at all but she's the only one who could opened it. She put it on the ground and kicked the "ball" and it cracked open...

I feel that although the clock looks good outside, the operation of the clock is not very good at all. The producer could at the very least add a user manual in the box which comes with it. Else 2 tiny buttons could be added to the "legs" or base of the clock. I'm sure it wont affect the appearance much.

However looking at the other side of the story, the user only needs to set the time once when he/she first got it. Thus it wont affect the usability of the clock. The only problem left is the setting of the alarm. Since I'm always using my mobile phone as my alarm clock, there wont be any problems at all!!! Yeah!!

In conclusion, this little clock looks cool and cute and the appearance is no doubt not that bad at all, however given a choice, I would NEVER get it ever again!!! Haha...

The RPG of Enlightenment...

I'm so gonna level up this semester... I'm gonna gain USER EXPERIENCE~~~

Kayv-man has advanced to Level 2!!