Sunday, February 3, 2008

Assignment 2: Pressure? Pleasure? Press here?

Fantasia Chu
29 years old
“Tai Tai” living in a bungalow along Bukit Timah in Singapore with her husband.

working experience
Started working since graduated from Singapore Polytechnic. She has changed 8 jobs in 2 years due to low pay, high workload and pure laziness. Stopped working at the age of 23 after she found a very rich boyfriend, Jerk, then 30 years old.

ATM machine
Jerk is a total playboy who took over his father’s company and earned his first million( or his father’s 68th million) when he was 22 years old. He drove a silver Porsche Boxster which cost SGD 266,342 and own 3 bungalows and 2 condominium units. However, it was quite obvious that Fantasia was quite a playboy predator and managed to hook him up and kept him from “playboy’ing” further.

Fantasia now wears a long, perm hair dyed reddish brown. She has a “beauty mole” at the top right corner of her thick, luscious lips. She always wear a pair of shades on her head to be in style as well as securing her fringe from falling over and covering her thick eye shadows. She wear thick make-ups and lots of glitters and “bling bling” plus diamonds accessories. She would hang her Chanel Designer Handbag halfway near her elbow and give it a slight swing to attract attention when she goes out. Her leopard print dress would fit nicely on her and showed off her sexy hips. She doesn’t drive, but she do has a personal chauffeur who drives her anywhere at her command. She loves toying with males mentally and hence loves to wear conservative clothes with wild and sexy animal prints.

Fantasia usually spent her day waking up very early in the morning to make up and goes to high class hotel for breakfast with Jerk. After breakfast, Jerk would “go to work” while Fantasia would go back home and make appointments with her “Tai Tai” friends to go shopping together. They would shop and buy clothes which they would find them “not pretty” after a few days. After shopping, they would go for high tea and gossip about everything possible on Earth and eating Tiramisu and drinking milkshake while complaining “Do you think I put on weight? I think I’m fat.”

Her husband would self declare work ends at 4pm and return home to find her crying and wiping her tears while watching Korean drama. Right before going to bed, she will run on her track mill while eating chocolate donut while Jerk would be reading his FHM and playboy magazines. The only occasional conversation would be something like:

“Jerk, I saw a diamond ring the diamond so so big!! Soooo pretty!!”

“My credit card is on the table.”


She would then end her day at 9pm after applying facial mask and moisturizer so that she can wake up early the following day for her breakfast at yet another 5 star hotel.

Her life requires not much physical activities except for shopping and traveling overseas and walking to her favorite spa. She looks after her legs by going for occasional foot rubs and pedicure – appreciation pleasure

She would go to her favorite spa every other day to keep her body in shape. In addition her everyday treadmill session helps her fit into any clothes she likes. – need pleasure

Her thick make-up hides any “defects” on her face when she goes out. It also attract attention on the streets which gave her a sense of victory and achievement. – need pleasure

Loves showing off how rich she is to her fellow Tai Tai. Loves hanging out with them and gossiping about how hot that dancer in that stripe club is. – appreciation pleasure.

Talking to her “Tai Tai” khakis is a common thing for her everyday. Alone at home with the maids, loneliness usually strikes. Being too lazy to walk 2 metres to the phone, she would call using her handphone while soaking in the hot tub. – need pleasure

She is someone who loves romantic things. However, her husband would semi-ignore her whenever he comes home from work. Thus she loves to watch Korean drama and often dreams to be the lead actress in the show - need pleasure
Mistake: Well I learnt in class, this may not really be considered as a psychological need. Lets say the I change the story to "She lives in a very dull home and hence always watches comedies to brighten up her life. She feels very happy from the laughing at the shows." I guess this can then be considered psycho-pleasure right?

Taking self pictures excite her the most. She loves taking photos and uploading them online and make the whole world look at her photos. Makes her happy and excited. – appreciation pleasure

She likes to be seen as a queen at home and an goddess on the streets. She is the center of the world and she is always gaining attention wherever she goes. – need pleasure

She wants to portray an image of conservative sexiness and hence she would always choose clothes that are abit conservative but yet sexy in some sense and tries to play with the mind of male passerby. – appreciation pleasure

Unreasonable when frustrated, she believes that money is always right, and hence, she is always right. Nothing should stand in her way. Nobody should blocks her way. She is the rules and regulations. She IS the world. – need pleasure

Handphone Specs:

- Gold plated cover with embedded diamonds surrounding the border. (affective)
- Reflective surface to use as a mirror for touching up on her make up. (affective)

- 262,144 colours TFT display protected by scratch-resistant sapphire coated glass (affective)

Operating Frequency:
- Triband GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

- Integrated 6.0 megapixel camera (practical)
- Video recording and streaming (practical)

Dimension: (affective)
- Volume: 52cc
- Weight: 120g
- Length: 108mm
- Width: 38mm
- Thickness: 15.4mm

- 1 GB internal memory with 2 memory card slots supporting up to 4GB each (practical)

Multimedia: (affective)
- Designer ringtones composed by renowned artiste from over the globe. (affective)
- Integrated digital music player for MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ and WMA formats
- Integrated FM radio

Messaging: (practical)
- MMS, SMS, Email in 47 languages
- Virutal keyboard for inputs.

Connectivity: (practical)
- Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate
- Remote over-the-air (OTA) device-to-device synchronisation with SyncML

Browsing: (affective)
- xHTML browser over TCP/IP
- Full OMA Digital Rights Management for content protection - including forward lock for content
protection, combined delivery, separate delivery and superdistribution
- Full upload/download to websites, blogs, photo albums

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