Thursday, April 24, 2008

Assignment 3: Design Probe Reflection

I reference our design project to the previous post.

Just to add on some details, here are some issues with the designs of lecture halls:

- Tight space between the rows make it difficult for movement
- The tables are too small for laptops, leaving no spaces for other things like pens and notes
- They are also not user friendly for left handers
- Lecture halls are too big to make students feel involved
- Even so, the class size is too big and lecture halls sometime don't have enough seats for students
- not enough power points for laptops
- Sometimes screen is not clear
- Noisy doors
- Media controls are not user friendly and make lecturers spend more time figuring out how to use
- Accessibility of some lecture halls
- Early lectures (8 AM)
- Lecture halls are too cold

And here are some cultural problems:

- Since sometimes there are not enough seats, students often have their friends to reserve the seats
- They also refuse the seats in the middle since those seats are not very accessible- Students talk noisily
- Students come late for class, interrupting the lectures and distract other students when they move inside
- Students do not interact with the lesson, don't ask questions and don't answer questions.

- Some lecturers do not make an attempt to engage students
- Lecturers' voices are monotonous
- Some lecturers' voices are clear and difficult to listen to
- When lecture notes are too general and difficult to follow, the students would solely focus on taking notes as much as possible and cannot listen to the lecture thoughtfully
- When the lecture notes are too specific and details, students will skip class since everything the lecturer teach is inside the notes.


I feel that this assignment gave us a chance to understand the process of designing. We are required to get down to it and ask question, do research and all in order to find out what is the users need and what we can do to cater to these needs. We will also have to guage if all needs can be satisfied as we are not customizing the design for THEM alone, we are doing it for a wider range of users.

This assignment, i believed, prepares us for the final project. After this design probe, we can understand more clearly the process of researching and designing and hence make our job for our final design project easier(well did it? It's still quite tedious i think... Hahaha...).
Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the learning process and the outcome for this assignment. Great job groupmates!!

These are the solution for design assignment that are not very clear in the slides:

Figure 1.0: Design of chair

Figure 2.0: Design of Tables

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